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Tyranitar Promo - PTCGO Codes
Tyranitar Promo - PTCGO Codes

Tyranitar Promo - PTCGO Codes

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Part Number: tyranitar-promo
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Code cards translations:
Feature: 2052
Feature: 9GC-DH9K-LBV-7GR
Note: The codes are redeemable in PTCGO or TCG Live. In TCG Live you may get different cards or a different number of cards.

Tyranitar Promo

Ability Raging Roar
When you play this Pokemon from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon, you may attach 1 Darkness Energy from your discard pile to this Pokemon for each Prize card your opponent has taken.

Dark Mountain: 150+
Discard the top 2 cards of your deck. This attack does 50 more damage for each Supporter card discarded in this way.

Tyranitar promo product code includes the following Pokemon Cards:
  • Tyranitar Promo Card 56/124
  • Shiftry Promo Card 11/114
  • Vivillon Promo Card 15/162
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