In the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG), League Cups and League Challenges are official competitive events organized by the Pokemon Company and hosted by local game stores, clubs, or organizations.
League Cups are larger-scale events and are held several times a year. These tournaments usually attract a larger number of players and offer more significant prizes, including Championship Points (CP) and invitations to participate in higher-level events.

League Challenges, on the other hand, are smaller-scale events and are typically held more frequently. These tournaments are usually intended for local players and are a great way for newer or less experienced players to gain tournament experience and earn some prizes.

Both League Cups and League Challenges follow the same basic format as other official Pokemon TCG tournaments, with players competing in Swiss-style rounds before advancing to single-elimination playoffs. The top players in each tournament can earn Championship Points, which are used to qualify for higher-level events and championships.

Overall, League Cups and League Challenges are an essential part of the Pokemon TCG competitive scene and offer players of all levels the opportunity to participate in official tournaments and earn recognition for their skills. If you want to win one of these events, I suggest that you use PTCG Live, an online simulator that can help you to practice with your friends. Let’s look at the best 5 decks you can build online to practice for these types of events!

I booted up my Pokemon Trading Card Game Live app, loaded up some PTCGL codes and then traded those Pokemon online codes to trade for this deck. I was very excited, and it honestly didn’t take that many PTCGL codes to make the deck. If you’re looking to buy some codes, we sell them here on PTCGO Store, and I highly urge you to check out our competitive pricing and swift delivery! Let’s talk about the newest decks we’ll see at local League Cups and League Challenges!

5. Mew VMAX/Genesect V deck

Mew vmax

Deck Strategy

The main strategy of this deck relies heavily on the first turn of the game. The reason is that since Mew is a VMAX Pokemon, we need to get Mew V into play as early as possible in order to start attacking. The other reason is that Battle VIP Pass only works on the first turn of the game, so by finding 1-2 copies of this card, we can fully establish our board with Genesect and Mew. With each Genesect we can get into play, the more cards we can draw to effectively setup faster than our opponent. This deck is extremely fast-paced, so it’s vital that you play aggressively. Generally speaking, we play many copies of most cards in our deck, so it’s safe to discard the occasional copy of most cards. Using Double Turbo Energy on a Mew VMAX, we can copy Genesect V’s Techno Blast and start taking out Pokémon V and VSTAR. This deck is really a heavy hitter, so don’t be shy to slam down some Power Tablets and start taking KOs! Let's check the list:

Pokemon - 11
4 Mew V CRZ 60
3 Mew VMAX FST 114
4 Genesect V FST 185

Trainers - 45
3 Judge SVI 176
1 Avery CRE 130
1 Boss's Orders BRS 132
1 Penny SVI 183
1 Roxanne ASR 150
4 Cram-o-matic FST 229
4 Ultra Ball SVI 196
4 Battle VIP Pass FST 225
4 Lost Vacuum CRZ 135
4 Power Tablet FST 236
4 Cross Switcher FST 230
2 Escape Rope BST 125
2 Nest Ball SVI 181
1 Echoing Horn CRE 136
1 Feather Ball ASR 141
1 Pal Pad SVI 182
2 Choice Belt BRS 135
2 Forest Seal Stone SIT 156
3 Path to the Peak CRE 148

Energy - 4
4 Double Turbo Energy BRS 151

Mew decklist

4. Gardevoir EX deck

Gardevoir ex

Deck Strategy

This is the newest kid on the block - you can bet whenever Pokemon releases a Gardevoir-EX card that it’s going to be good. This titan just recently secured a 2nd place finish from Tord Reklev at the European International Championships right after being released, which is good enough of a reason for me to consider it a top deck. It can attach as many energy cards as it would like in a turn from the discard pile, which is probably one of the craziest energy acceleration abilities I’ve seen in a long time! Couple that with a ton of consistency cards like Kirlia, Mew, and a ton of search cards, and you have yourself a very strong deck. This deck is a powerhouse, and mostly just has a hard time against Lost Zone Box. Besides that, it can handle its own against anything. Let's check the list:

Pokemon - 18
3 Ralts ASR 60
1 Ralts SIT 67
4 Kirlia SIT 68
2 Gardevoir ex SVI 86
1 Gardevoir CRE 61
2 Zacian V CEL 16
1 Cresselia LOR 74
1 Radiant Greninja ASR 46
1 Lumineon V BRS 40
1 Mew CEL 11
1 Manaphy BRS 41

Trainers - 30
4 Professor's Research SVI 189
1 Judge SVI 176
1 Roxanne ASR 150
1 Serena SIT 164
1 Miriam SVI 179
1 Boss's Orders BRS 132
1 Penny SVI 183
4 Battle VIP Pass FST 225
4 Level Ball BST 129
3 Fog Crystal CRE 140
3 Ultra Ball SVI 196
2 Rare Candy SVI 191
1 Pal Pad SVI 182
1 Sky Seal Stone CRZ 143
1 Temple of Sinnoh ASR 155
1 Collapsed Stadium BRS 137

Energy - 12
12 Psychic Energy 5

gardevoir decklist

3. Sableye/Radiant Charizard (Lost Box)


Deck Strategy

The main strategy behind this deck is highly dependent on what the opponent has in play - generally, we’ll be trying to soften up Pokemon Vs or EXs on the opponent’s side of the field in preparation to sweep them with our Radiant Charizard. Cramorant will be used in the early game in an effort to take some cheap Prize Cards, with the aim that Sableye can be used on the third turn of the game. It’s vital to our strategy that we select the correct cards off of Comfey’s Flower Selecting because otherwise, we may run into issues in the late game due to running out of resources. This deck is extremely fast but difficult to pilot. Let's check the list:

Pokemon - 13
4 Comfey LOR 79
2 Sableye LOR 70
2 Cramorant LOR 50
1 Pidgeot V LOR 137
1 Drapion V LOR 118
1 Hawlucha SVI 118
1 Manaphy BRS 41
1 Radiant Charizard CRZ 20

Trainers - 41
4 Colress's Experiment LOR 155
3 Klara CRE 145
2 Judge SVI 176
1 Thorton LOR 167
1 Serena SIT 164
4 Escape Rope BST 125
4 Switch Cart ASR 154
4 Battle VIP Pass FST 225
3 Switch SVI 194
3 Fog Crystal CRE 140
3 Nest Ball SVI 181
2 Lost Vacuum CRZ 135
1 Echoing Horn CRE 136
1 Hisuian Heavy Ball ASR 146
1 Defiance Band SVI 169
1 Forest Seal Stone SIT 156
3 Path to the Peak CRE 148

Energy - 6
4 Psychic Energy 5
2 Fire Energy 2

Lost box decklist

2. Lugia VSTAR/Archeops deck


Deck strategy

Lugia VSTAR is going to be the next big deck (again): it’s quick, efficient, and able to scale its damage numbers in order to hit big OHKOs without burning too many resources. Lugia also has a decent variety of attackers that can be played in this deck, ranging from Single Strike attackers, to Snorlax. Anything that you can think of, Archeops can power it up with the help of Special Energy. Temple of Sinnoh will be amongst one of the biggest problems for this deck, however, Pumpkaboo can aid in a pinch. Combined with the fact that we can play Serena in our decks, we’ll see an upswing in consistency as well as increase odds of gusting up key Pokemon. The biggest plus about playing Serena is the fact we can discard copies of Archeops from our hand and get them into the discard pile so that when we use Lugia’s VSTAR ability, we can bench two targets instead of just one. Let's chek the list:

Pokemon - 21
4 Lugia V SIT 138
3 Lugia VSTAR SIT 139
4 Archeops SIT 147
2 Tyranitar V BST 97
2 Lumineon V BRS 40
1 Single Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 86
1 Yveltal FST 175
1 Pumpkaboo EVS 76
1 Radiant Tsareena SIT 16
1 Stonjourner BST 84

Trainers - 26
3 Professor's Research SVI 189
2 Judge SVI 176
2 Boss's Orders BRS 132
1 Penny SVI 183
1 Roxanne ASR 150
1 Serena SIT 164
1 Professor Burnet PR-SW 167
4 Ultra Ball SVI 196
4 Capturing Aroma SIT 153
3 Urn of Vitality BST 139
1 Nest Ball SVI 181
2 Mesagoza SVI 178
1 Collapsed Stadium BRS 137

Energy - 13
4 Single Strike Energy BST 141
3 Gift Energy LOR 171
3 Double Turbo Energy BRS 151
2 V Guard Energy SIT 169
1 Regenerative Energy SIT 168

Lugia decklist

1. Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX deck

Duraludon VMAX

Deck Strategy

The main strategy of this deck is much like the Pokémon Duraludon itself: to be a massive wall! Duraludon has a very unique Skyscraper ability that is reminiscent of Aegislash-EX; it essentially reads that your opponent’s Pokémon can’t damage Duraludon if they have a Special Energy Card attached. When you think about how many Special Energy Cards are in the current standard format, you can see why Duraludon is a very powerful VMAX Pokémon! To name a few Special Energy Cards: Fusion Strike Energy, Rapid Strike Energy, Single Strike Energy, Double Turbo Energy, and many more! The beauty of this ability is that it will only get stronger as more and more Special Energy Cards are printed. We power up our Skyscraper Pokemon with Acres VSTAR, which is an amazing partner because it can attack efficiently as well as provide us with a handy VSTAR power. Let's check the list:

Pokemon - 17
4 Arceus V BRS 122
3 Arceus VSTAR BRS 123
2 Duraludon V CRZ 103
2 Duraludon VMAX CRZ 104
2 Drapion V LOR 118
1 Alolan Vulpix V SIT 33
1 Alolan Vulpix VSTAR SIT 34
1 Lumineon V BRS 40
1 Radiant Gardevoir LOR 69

Trainers - 30
4 Professor's Research SVI 189
3 Colress's Experiment LOR 155
3 Judge SVI 176
3 Boss's Orders BRS 132
1 Cheren's Care BRS 134
1 Raihan CRZ 140
4 Ultra Ball SVI 196
4 Nest Ball SVI 181
1 Switch SVI 194
1 Escape Rope BST 125
1 Choice Belt BRS 135
4 Lost City LOR 161

Energy - 13
4 Double Turbo Energy BRS 151
4 Metal Energy 8
3 Fighting Energy 6
2 Water Energy 3

Arceus decklist


This is just a small preview of what decks you might see at upcoming League Cups and League Challenges in your local area. You should prepare for these archetypes to be seen in your area by buying some codes from our site and trying out some ideas for yourself! All of these decks are viable to some degree and can most definitely give you a shot at earning some Championship Points to go towards your invitation to the Pokemon World Championships. Ciao for now!

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