Good morning Pokemon Trainers! In light of this year's almost ending, we are also seeing another ending come to fruition: the end of the SSH-SHF format. We are now introducing the newest expansion: Silver Tempest, into the mix, and boy, is it ever a shakeup. We see the release of the standard’s newest boon, Lugia VSTAR, which will begin to dominate the moment it is released. This baron of a Pokemon has whopping unique features that we’re going to go over a little later in the article, but not many Pokemon can stand up to its strength. We also see some unique Pokemon come into play, like Regidrago VSTAR as well as Regieleki VMAX - both offering unique buffs to their own respective types. Lastly, we’ll be featuring a bit of a meme deck in Sunflora, but don’t be fooled: this single Prize Card Pokemon can pack a big punch very easily and stifle even the strongest of archetypes. You’ll also see many new Trainer cards seeing played in a lot of these Pokemon online decks, one of my personal favourites being Serena. Let’s hop into today’s article!

I booted up my Pokemon Trading Card Game Online app, loaded up some PTCGO codes, and then traded those Pokemon online codes to trade for this deck. I was very excited, and it honestly didn’t take that many PTCGO codes to make the deck. If you’re looking to buy some codes, we sell them here on PTCGO Store, and I highly urge you to check out our competitive pricing and swift delivery! Let’s talk about the newest decks we’ll see in Lost Tempest!

The New Challenger: Lugia VSTAR


Pokémon - 19

4 Archeops SIT 147
4 Lugia V SIT 138
3 Lugia VSTAR SIT 139
1 Crobat V DAA 104
1 Drapion V LOR 118
1 Dunsparce FST 207
1 Lugia VIV 132
1 Lumineon V BRS 40
1 Oranguru SSH 148
1 Pumpkaboo EVS 76
1 Radiant Charizard PGO 11

Trainer Cards - 28

4 Professor's Research BRS 147
3 Serena SIT 164
2 Marnie CPA 56
1 Boss's Orders BRS 132
4 Evolution Incense SSH 163
4 Quick Ball FST 237
4 Ultra Ball BRS 150
3 Choice Belt BRS 135
2 Lost Vacuum LOR 162
1 Air Balloon SSH 156

Energy - 13

4 Aurora Energy SSH 186
4 Powerful Colorless Energy DAA 176
2 Double Turbo Energy BRS 151
2 V Guard Energy SIT 169
1 Twin Energy RCL 174

Total cards - 60

Lugia VSTAR decklist

Lugia VSTAR is going to be the next big deck: it’s quick, efficient, and able to scale its damage numbers in order to hit big OHKOs without burning too many resources. Lugia also has a decent variety of attackers that can be played in this deck, ranging from Radiant Charizard to Amazing Rare Yveltal to baby Lugia. Anything that you can think of, Archeops can power it up with the help of Aurora Energy. Temple of Sinnoh will be amongst one of the biggest problems for this deck. However, Lost Vacuum and Pumpkaboo can aid in a pinch. Combined with the fact that we can now play Serena, a new Supporter from Silver Tempest, in our decks, we’ll see an upswing in consistency as well as increased odds of gusting up key Pokemon. The biggest plus about playing Serena is the fact we can discard copies of Archeops from our hand and get them into the discard pile so that when we use Lugia’s VSTAR ability, we can bench two targets instead of just one.

The Copycat: Regidrago VSTAR

Regidrago VSTAR

Pokémon - 16

4 Comfey LOR 79
3 Regidrago V SIT 135
3 Regidrago VSTAR SIT 136
1 Cramorant LOR 50
1 Dragonite SIT 131
1 Giratina VSTAR LOR 131
1 Hisuian Goodra VSTAR LOR 136
1 Lumineon V BRS 40
1 Radiant Charizard PGO 11

Trainer Cards - 32

4 Colress's Experiment LOR 155
3 Serena SIT 164
4 Battle VIP Pass FST 225
4 Mirage Gate LOR 163
4 Scoop Up Net RCL 165
3 Quick Ball FST 237
2 Escape Rope BST 125
2 Ordinary Rod SSH 171
2 Switch SSH 183
2 Ultra Ball BRS 150
1 Air Balloon SSH 156
1 Lost Vacuum LOR 162

Energy - 12

7 Grass Energy SWSHEnergy 1
5 Fire Energy SWSHEnergy 2

Total cards - 60

Regidrago VSTAR decklist

This Regidrago VSTAR deck reminds me heavily of Mewtwo & Mew Tag Team GX, mostly because of how easy it is to copy valuable attackers. In this case, we’re not using an ability to copy our attacks, we’re actually using an attack to do so, meaning stuff like Path to the Peak can’t affect us! Regidrago’s versatility adds so much to this deck, allowing us to copy any Dragon-type Pokemon from our standard card pool. This also means that as more sets become released, this deck will gradually gain more and more options. We utilize a Lost Zone engine in this deck with our main setup Pokemon Comfey drawing us lots of cards each turn. The main goal of Lost Zoning so many cards is so that we can hopefully use Mirage Gate on the second turn of the game to setup our Pokemon as we wish and begin attacking as soon as possible. Regidrago requires multiple energy to attack, so it isn’t easy getting him powered up efficiently. This Pokemon Online deck is a bit of a wildcard as I’m unsure how well it will do - that being said, I do think that people will try it out numerous different ways and figure out some common way to play it.

The Statician: Regieleki VMAX + Vikavolt V

Regieleki VMAX

Pokémon - 15

4 Regieleki V SIT 57
3 Regieleki VMAX SIT 58
3 Vikavolt V DAA 60
2 Bibarel BRS 121
2 Bidoof BRS 120
1 Radiant Greninja ASR 46

Trainer Cards - 34

3 Marnie CPA 56
3 Melony CRE 146
2 Professor's Research BRS 147
2 Serena SIT 164
1 Boss's Orders BRS 132
4 Crushing Hammer SSH 159
4 Quick Ball FST 237
4 Ultra Ball BRS 150
2 Choice Belt BRS 135
2 Lost Vacuum LOR 162
2 Switch SSH 183
1 Air Balloon SSH 156
1 Cape of Toughness DAA 160
1 Echoing Horn CRE 136
1 Energy Search SSH 161
1 Evolution Incense SSH 163

Energy - 11

4 Speed Lightning Energy RCL 173
4 Water Energy SWSHEnergy 3
3 Lightning Energy SWSHEnergy 4

Total cards - 60

Regieleki VMAX

Vikavolt V is the star here, mostly being supported by a new VMAX Pokemon in this upcoming expansion, Regieleki! Paralyzing Bolt as an attack reminds me a lot of an archetype that was top-tier a few years back, Seismitoad-EX. Seismitoad’s Quaking Punch attack only did 30 damage, but along with other buffs like Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym, the damage could stack up very easily. This deck is very much the same, with Vikavolt aiming to swing as early as possible and Regieleki functioning as the damage modifier. Ultimately, we can speed off in the early game with Melony to attach extra energy to our buggy protagonist and then slowly setup lots of Regieleki on the bench to hit harder and harder. Preventing our opponent from using Item-cards will slow them down a lot, rendering us to have extra setup time. The added consistency of Speed Lightning Energy in this deck is really nice, especially since we are somewhat of a turbo build. Alongside Radiant Greninja, we should be able to draw into what we need as soon as possible and start swinging for big damage! Buzz, buzz!

The Glass Cannon: Sunflora + Zoroark


Pokémon - 19

4 Zoroark EVS 103
4 Zorua EVS 102
3 Sunflora SIT 6
3 Sunkern SIT 5
2 Eldegoss EVS 16
1 Bibarel BRS 121
1 Gossifleur SSH 20
1 Radiant Greninja ASR 46

Trainer Cards - 28

2 Cynthia's Ambition BRS 138
2 Raihan EVS 152
2 Serena SIT 164
1 Marnie CPA 56
1 Professor's Research BRS 147
3 Evolution Incense SSH 163
3 Ultra Ball BRS 150
2 Choice Belt BRS 135
2 Level Ball BST 129
2 Ordinary Rod SSH 171
2 Quick Ball FST 237
1 Air Balloon SSH 156
1 Energy Recycler BST 124
1 Energy Retrieval SSH 160
1 Pal Pad SSH 172
2 Training Court RCL 169

Energy - 13

9 Water Energy SWSHEnergy 3
4 Twin Energy RCL 174

Total cards - 60

Sunflora decklist

While I don’t expect this deck to be top-tier off the bat, I like to always supply a single-Prize Card deck whenever I create roundup articles like this. Sunflora supplies that option handily and is somewhat of a budget deck! It also has lots of options as it uses Zoroark as a pseudo-setup Pokemon/attacker. Ideally, our goal is to setup Sunflora on the second turn of the game and keep attacking until we gain a positive prize exchange with our opponent. It can be tough for some opponents to keep up with a glass cannon such as Sunflora, and that’s what makes this deck so strong. If there’s a lot of Mew VMAX in your area, you can throw in Mightyena or perhaps a copy of Drapion V. You can also add in other cool attackers, like Flapple to put in some work against the opponent. Either way, this really cool deck is very creative and extremely light on the wallet. It’s a way to have lots of fun against those big VMAX Pokemon we’re seeing more and more of, and it has a good shot against most decks nowadays. Just watch out for decks with Sableye in them, and you should be okay.


This is just a small preview of what decks are to come with the new Silver Tempest expansion being released very soon. You should prepare for these new archetypes to be seen in your area by buying some cards from the new set when it’s available and trying out some ideas for yourself! All of these Pokemon TCG online decks are viable to some degree and can most definitely give you a shot at earning some Championship Points to go towards your invitation to the Pokemon World Championships. Ciao for now!

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