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<b>Plasma Freeze</b> - Pokemon TCG Codes
Plasma Freeze - Pokemon TCG Codes

Plasma Freeze - Pokemon TCG Codes

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Feature: aade
Feature: LRE-EQXK-Q39-FSD

Black and White Plasma Freeze Booster Pack

The Plasma Freeze Pokemon TCG expansion has quite a lot of useful and game changing cards, as well as some secret rare and full art masterpieces that are still highly sought after today. These Pokemon Online code include: Exeggcute, Latias EX, Float Stone, Frozen City, Life Dew Ace Spec, Rock Guard Ace Spec, Full Art Professor Juniper, Secret Rare Garbodor, Secret Rare Max Potion, Secret Rare Ultra Ball. 

Use purchased Plasma Freeze Booster Pack PTCGO Code in the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.
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