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Battle Arena Kyurem Deck - Pokemon TCG Online Codes
Battle Arena Kyurem Deck - Pokemon TCG Online Codes

Battle Arena Kyurem Deck - Pokemon TCG Online Codes

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Part Number: battle-arena-kyurem-ptcgo
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Feature: 2596
Note: The codes are redeemable in PTCGO or TCG Live. In TCG Live you may get different cards or a different number of cards.

Battle Arena Kyurem Deck

By buying the PTCGO codes for this deck, you will redeem two decks.

Black Kyurem Deck (total 60 cards)
  • 19 Pokemon: 2x Black Kyurem-EX BCR&PLS, 2x Emolga LTR, 3x Magnemite BKT, 2x Magneton BKT, 2x Magnezone BKT, 2x Thundurus FFI&LTR, 3x Voltorb XY, 2x Electrode PLF, 1x Kyurem LTR

  • 25 Trainer Cards: Bianca LTR, Energy Retrieval, Escape Rope, Experience Share, Fisherman, Level Ball, Lysandre, N, Pokemon Communication, Pokemon Fan Club, Professor Birch's Observations, Professor Sycamore, Professor's Letter, Rare Candy, Shauna, Skyla, Super Rod, Switch, Teammates, Tierno, Trainers Mail, 2x Ultra Ball, VS Seeker, Wally
  • 16 Energy: 11x Lightning Energy, 5x Water Energy

White Kyurem Deck
(total 60 cards)
  • 20 Pokemon: 2x Kangaskhan PLB, 2x White Kyurem-EX BCR&PLS, 3x Fennekin KSS, 3x Litwick PLF, 1x Reshiram NXD, 2x Braixen XY, 2x Lampent PLS, 2x Chandelure PLF, 2x Delphox XY, 1x White Kyurem FCO

  • 24 Trainer Cards: Pokemon Fan Club, Professor Sycamore, Wally, Professor's Letter, Super Rod, Lysandre, Trainers Mail, Escape Rope, Teammates, Skyla, Fighting Fury Belt, Level Ball, Tierno, Switch, Shauna, N, Judge, 2x Ultra Ball, Professor Brich's Observations, Pokemon Communication, Energy Recycler, Rare Candy, VS Seeker
  • 16 Energy: 5x Water Energy, 9x Fire Energy, 2x Double Dragon Energy

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