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Obsidian Flames - Pokemon TCG Live Codes
Obsidian Flames - Pokemon TCG Live Codes

Obsidian Flames - Pokemon TCG Live Codes

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Feature: 0185
Feature: 2PG-42RD-RCV-MRN
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Every Booster Code will grant you 6 random cards.

Obisidan Flames

Dive into the depths of Paldea with the release of Pokemon TCG’s latest set, Scarlet and Violet: Obsidian Flames! Explore the strategic twist of Terastal Pokemon which have changed typing from what they usually are. Charizard ex [Obsidian Flames] is usually a Dragon-type Pokemon or a Fire-type Pokemon, but in Obsidian Flames Charizard ex is a Darkness-type Pokemon. The change of typing might not seem like much, but it still takes Fire-type Energy instead of Darkness-type Energy. That means it pairs well with Charizard [Pokemon Go] and the upcoming Charizard ex [Pokemon 151]. Other type-changing Terastal Pokemon featured in Obsidian Flames are Vespiquen ex [Obsidian Flames], Eiscue ex [Obsidian Flames], and Tyranitar ex [Obsidian Flames]. Many of the most competitive Pokemon TCG cards end up being Trainer cards and Obsidian Flames doesn’t disappoint! Many players are excited to use Poppy [Obsidian Flames] to move Energy from one of their Pokemon to another one of their Pokemon! It adds layers of strategic gameplay and nods toward the comeback-mechanic theme of the Scarlet and Violet block! Town Store [Obsidian Flames] is another sought after card because it can search your deck for a Pokemon Tool and add it into your hand. While it might not sound like a lot at first, you can use it to search for Forest Seal Stone [Silver Tempest], which will allow you to go back into your deck to search for any card you like. Having the option to grab anything while having a counter Stadium to popular Stadium cards, like Path to the Peak [Chilling Reign], can be quite enticing to add to your deck. If you are more of a collector, Obsidian Flames is absolutely the most hype set of our Scarlet and Violet block so far! It features amazing Illustration Rare Pokemon, like Ninetales [Obsidian Flames] and Cleffa [Obsidian Flames], that each take a look into the life of that particular Pokemon. This set also features the heavily sought after Special Illustration Rare Charizard ex that looks like it is bursting out of a crystal cave or some sort of glass structure! One of the other exciting cards to see in this set is a Gold Artazon [Obsidian Flames] which adds to the few other Gold Stadiums in our Standard format! Whether you are looking for playable or collectable, this set offers many cards with amazing artwork - pick up Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet: Obsidian Flames PTCG Live codes today!

By buying Obsidian Flames Pokemon TCG Live codes you can possibly acquire the following cards: Tyranitar ex, Miraidon ex, Koraidon ex, Charizard ex, Absol ex, Dragonite ex, Houndoom ex, Pidgeot ex, Full Art Ortega, Full Art Ryme, Gold Charizard ex, Gold Fire Energy, Illustration Rare Gloom, Illustration Rare Ninetales, Illustration Rare Palafin, and Special Illustration Rare Pidgeot ex.

Obsidian Flames in other languages:
  • European French: Flammes Obsidiennes
  • German: Obsidianflammen
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Obsidiana em Chamas
  • Spanish: Llamas Obsidianas
  • Italian: Ossidiana Infuocata
  • Chinese - Cantonese: 黯焰支配者
  • Chinese - Mandarin: 黯焰支配者
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