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Hisuian Electrode V - PTCGL Codes
Hisuian Electrode V - PTCGL Codes

Hisuian Electrode V - PTCGL Codes

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Code cards translations:
Feature: 0797
Feature: B6P-L96M-TQM-VRN
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Hisuian Electrode V

Tantrum Blast (100x)
This attack does 100 damage for each Special Condtition affecting thus Pokemon.

Solar Shot (120)
Discard all Energy from this Pokemon.


Sonic Boom (40)
This attack's damage isn't affected by Weakness or Resistance.

Explosion (120)
This Pokemon also does 90 damage to itself.

Hisuian Electrode V Pokemon code includes the following cards:
  • 1x Hisuian Electrode V SWSH294
  • 1x Electrode 088/264
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