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Gears of Fire Theme Deck - Pokemon TCGL Code
Gears of Fire Theme Deck - Pokemon TCGL Code

Gears of Fire Theme Deck - Pokemon TCGL Code

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Code cards translations:
Feature: 1004
Feature: 67L-KG6Y-W27-HM7
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To avoid any inconvenience and errors, it is recommended to keep track of your redeemed codes and enter a maximum of 10 codes at a time. 
Our suggestion is to select codes in a standard format. However, if you decide on a deck from the expanded format, you may only be given 1 card as opposed to a complete set of 60 cards.

Gears of Fire Theme Deck (XY Steam Siege)

Pokemon Live code of the Gears of Fire theme deck includes the following 60 Pokemon TCG Live cards:

30 Pokemon
  • 3x Meowth STS 88
  • 3x Persian STS 89
  • 3x Chimchar STS 18
  • 2x Monferno STS 19
  • 3x Litleo STS 22
  • 1x Pyroar STS 23
  • 3x Ponyta STS 16
  • 2x Rapidash STS 17
  • 2x Volcanion STS 25
  • 3x Klink STS 71
  • 3x Klang STS 72
  • 2x Klinklang STS 73
12 Trainer TCG Code Cards
  • 2x Energy Retrieval PRC 126
  • 1x Evosoda GEN 62
  • 2x Ninja Boy STS 103
  • 1x Pokemon Center Lady GEN 68
  • 2x Professor's Letter BKT 146
  • 1x Shauna FCO 111
  • 2x Tierno BKP 112
  • 1x Ultra Ball FCO 113
18 Energy
  • 11x Fire Energy XYEnergy 4
  • 7x Metal Energy XYEnergy 7

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