Hey there Trainers! I hope you’re enjoying the time in between NAIC and Worlds - it’s one of the most fun times to be a player because people are trying to break the format as creatively as possible! Many testing groups are keeping their decks secret, and some people are itching to test out their new concepts on the ladder. Okay, not just some - A LOT of people are trying out new concepts on the ladder! One of those unique concepts is actually this Lunatone/Solrock deck that can hit extremely hard, very fast. It can carry this pressure throughout the entirety of the game and does a really good job of it too. It’s been a scourge for any players who are testing for Worlds, but for a good reason - it wins games. Let’s chat about Lunatone/Solrock today!

I booted up my Pokemon Trading Card Game Online app, loaded up some PTCGO codes, and then traded those Pokemon online codes to trade for this deck. I was very excited, and it honestly didn’t take that many PTCGO codes to make the deck. If you’re looking to buy some codes, we sell them here on PTCGO Store, and I highly urge you to check out our competitive pricing and swift delivery! Let’s talk about the newest way to play Lunatone/Solrock!


Do you like decks that hit hard, fast, and extremely efficiently in the early turns of the game? Well, let me tell you, this is the deck for you! Solrock and Lunatone don’t have a complex strategy like some other decks in standard right now: they just want to be as aggressive as possible by utilizing turbo cards from the newest Pokémon GO TCG expansion. Solrock accelerates energy, and Lunatone does damage for each Psychic Energy attached to it. We really just want to rifle through our whole deck, drawing as many cards as possible until we can hit for OHKOs. Most of the time, we’ll need to hit twice to KO most things, but sometimes we get enough energy in play to body VSTARs. Scoop Up Net helps us tie everything together in a nice bow - it has synergy with Solrock as well as Greninja and acts as a beautiful pivot card. Let’s take a peek at a LunaSol list!

Deck List

Pokemon - 9

4 Lunatone PGO 34
4 Solrock PGO 39
1 Radiant Greninja ASR 46

Trainer - 39

4 Professor’s Research (Professor Oak) CEL 24
4 PokéStop PGO 68
2 Marnie SSH 169
3 Pokégear 3.0 SSH 174
1 Grant ASR 144
1 Hisuian Heavy Ball ASR 146
4 Trekking Shoes ASR 156
4 Scoop Up Net RCL 165
2 Rescue Carrier EVS 154
4 Battle VIP Pass FST 225
3 Quick Ball FST 237
2 Choice Belt BRS 135
1 Energy Retrieval PRC 126
4 Pokémon Catcher BKP 105

Energy - 12

12 Psychic Energy 5

lunatone solrock decklist

Key TCG Cards


4 Lunatone - This is the main attacker in our deck! Standing tall at 90HP, we expect each and every Lunatone to be OHKO’d by the opponent’s Pokémon. The catch is that we expect that eventually, we will get an OHKO on one of our opponent’s Pokémon V and eventually begin to edge the victory away from our opponent. Lunatone has two very good attacks - the first one, Cycle Draw, is useful if you ever have a dead hand at the beginning of the game (or at any point in the game, really)! Being able to discard a card from your hand (ideally an Energy Card) and drawing three isn’t bad to have as an option. The second attack, however, is the main point of the entire deck! Moon Kinesis does 30 damage plus 30 more damage for each Psychic attached to Lunatone. Since Solrock can accelerate energy into play very easily, we have a natural synergy that flows throughout our deck. If we focus on getting a ton of Solrock into play, Lunatone can become a beast very easily. Psychic-typing is very strong right now as it can OHKO key Pokémon such as Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX, and I’m sure it will take down more Pokémon in the future as Psychic-type is a very common weakness. One retreat cost is fine, considering we won’t really be moving this Pokémon very often.


4 Solrock - This Pokémon is a great counterpart to Lunatone, mostly due to the fact that it is the only probable partner! Solrock was designed to be played with Lunatone and helps accelerate energy to it using its ability. In combination with Scoop Up Nets to reuse the ability over and over, along with benching as many as possible, Lunatone’s MoonKinesis attack is able to flourish and scale up very easily.

Radiant Greninja

1 Radiant Greninja - This Pokémon pairs perfectly in our deck because it helps us to get Psychic Energy in our discard pile for usage with Solrock. Radiant Greninja can be used multiple times when paired with Scoop Up Net! This card also has immense synergy with Energy Retrieval to help supply you with all the energy you need in order to use Concealed Cards over and over. Keep in mind that this Pokémon does, in fact, have a Rule Box, so it will be affected by Path to the Peak, but that’s why it’s nice to have a non-Rule Box setup card in PokeStop (mind you, that PokeStop will replace the Path to the Peak in play). This card helps make this deck far more explosive!


2 Marnie - This draw Supporter is a necessary evil in our deck for slowing down any engines that rely on hoarding cards in hand (specifically Inteleon engines). Marnie can also be a great way to win games we would otherwise have no shot of - hand disruption is extremely strong in the standard format!


4 PokeStop - This is the engine for our entire deck! This cool Stadium that came from the newly released Pokémon GO set is making a huge splash because it is so potent! It allows you to take any Item cards from the top three cards of your deck. However, there’s a cost: any non-Item card is discarded. Since the majority of our deck is Item-based, we can ensure that most of the time, we draw 2 of the 3 cards. If there’s any Psychic Energy found in the top three cards, that’s a good thing! It can be attached later with Solrock. These Stadiums also help us to bump off Path to the Peak from our opponent, meaning we’ll always have access to our Radiant Greninja’s Concealed Cardsability.

3 Pokegear - This is effectively an Item card that can help us find a Supporter - this ties in with PokeStop and aids in making our deck more explosive!

2 Rescue Carrier - An amazingly potent Item card, we can recover Lunatones and Solrocks from our discard pile after an Avery or a KO.

4 Trekking Shoes - A turbo card that can help us dig deeper into our deck and potentially place Psychic Energy in our discard pile. We can also find this draw card off of PokeStop in order to find any card we need.

4 Scoop Up Net - A fantastic card to combo with both Solrock and RadiantGreninja. You can spam their abilities consistently with these cards and end up drawing a ton of cards (and attaching a ton of energy). It’s also a very handy switching card in a pinch that helps us to be as mobile as we need to be. This is the most valuable card in our deck!

4 Pokémon Catcher - A gust effect that we can find off of PokeStop! Even though it’s on a coin flip, it’s so powerful! We can play a draw Supporter, play PokeStop, and dig for multiple copies of this card in an effort to mitigate chance. If we play 2-3 Pokemon Catcher in turn, the odds of us flipping tails on all of them is low. This card just makes our deck even more explosive than it already was prior.

4 Battle VIP Pass - Even though this card is only usable on the first turn, we’re able to access it very easily with our draw Supporter for the turn alongside PokeStop! If we use Professor’s Research in combination with PokeStop, we’re able to see 10 cards off the top of our deck! If we combine that with Radiant Greninja’s Concealed Cards ability, you can see 12 cards (more if you reuse the ability with Scoop Up Net)! Battle VIP Pass helps us be a more explosive and consistent deck. In a worst-case scenario, we can always fall back on Quick Ball to set us up.

2 Choice Belt - These can really help us hit key numbers when the opponent has cards like Big Charm in play. Choice Belt is also really good at helping us get OHKOs in the early turns of the game. These are essential to having huge swing turns!

1 Grant - The funny thing about this card is that we don’t use it for the effect of it! We actually use this Supporter card for its unique recall effect, something that we haven’t seen in the Pokémon TCG in a while. It has a special caveat that allows us to place the Grant into our hand from the discard pile if we discard two cards from our hand. This helps us because, at any time, we have easy access to discarding Psychic Energy from our hands. It’s especially helpful if Greninja isn’t in play, or alternatively if the opponent has a Path to the Peak in play. Grant saves us in a pinch and can be discarded easily with the use of PokeStop!


This deck is one of the most potent Pokemon online decks to come out of the Pokémon GO mini set and should setup without any problems at all. There are so many cards in this deck designed to help you attach extra energy cards to your Pokémon. If you like flexibility with Trainer cards each turn and the ability to trade efficiently with a single Prize Card Pokemon, then I highly urge you to try out this deck. This deck requires a decent bit of stuff from different Standard expansions (as well as the new Pokémon GO expansion), so you should check out our shop for your PTCGO code needs. I’d suggest nabbing some Pokemon TCG Online codes and building this deck online because this trendy seems like it might stick around for a while - it could even be a good choice for future events coming up. Until next time, have fun!

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