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Darkness Ablaze - Pokemon TCGO Codes
Darkness Ablaze - Pokemon TCGO Codes

Darkness Ablaze - Pokemon TCGO Codes

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Feature: 1796
Feature: WDX-Q776-VCM-96H
Note: The codes are redeemable in PTCGO or TCG Live. In TCG Live you may get different cards or a different number of cards.

Darkness Ablaze (Sword & Shield)

Darkness Ablaze is sure to make its name known in the Pokemon TCG by introducing 7 brand new Pokemon VMAX. Fan favorites like Charizard VMAX and Scizor VMAX show some potential, but Eternatus VMAX and Centiskorch VMAX are certainly going to have an impact on competitive play. Darkness Ablaze also introduces one of the most powerful support Pokemon ever in Crobat V. This set also introduces great energy acceleration options as through the supporter Rose and the item Turbo Patch. Single prize attackers are also getting a chance to shine with the new Mad Party archetype. Low HP Pokemon like Bunnelby and Sinistea can easily hit for over 200+ damage for just 1 energy attachment thanks to Twin Energy. Thanks to the powerful Crobat V, and the sought after Charizard V and VMAX, Darkness Ablaze will be one of the most desirable Sword and Shield sets for the foreseeable future.

By buying Darkness Ablaze Pokemon TCG codes you can get some of the following PTCGO cards: Crobat V, Eternatus VMAX, Centiskorch VMAX, Charizard VMAX, Salamence VMAX, Houndoom V, Rose, Turbo Patch, Bird Keeper, Rose Tower, and more!

Darkness Ablaze in other languages:
  • Japanese: Infinity Zone
  • European French: Ténèbres Embrasées
  • German: Flammende Finsternis
  • Italian: Fiamme Oscure
  • Korean: Muhan Jon
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Escuridão Incandescente
  • Spanish: Oscuridad Incandescente
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