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Champion's Path - Pokemon TCGO Codes
Champion's Path - Pokemon TCGO Codes

Champion's Path - Pokemon TCGO Codes

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Feature: 1499
Feature: XHC-2MM7-VD7-Y67
Note: The codes are redeemable in PTCGO or TCG Live. In TCG Live you may get different cards or a different number of cards.

Champion's Path (Sword & Shield)

This year's fall mini set has something for players and collectors alike! Champion’s Path brings us 3 brand new VMAX’s as well as multiple useful reprint cards! Gardevoir VMAX shows some potential when combined with the new Strange Canned Food. Utilizing this combo can allow you to heal over 130 damage from your Gardevoir VMAX in a single turn! Lucario V is another new card that shows some promise. It’s 2 attacks make it quite reminiscent of the powerhouse that was Buzzwole GX! Staple trainer cards like Professors Research and Marnie are also being reprinted in this set, as well as a brand new artwork for Eldegoss V! Of course how could we not mention the incredible Secret Rare Charizard V and Charizard VMAX! These 2 cards are sure to be a beautiful centerpiece of any Pokemon TCG online code cards collection! 

By buying Champions Path PTCGO codes, you can get some of the following Pokemon code cards: Charizard V, Charizard VMAX, Gardevoir VMAX, Alcremie VMAX, Lucario V, Wailord V, Duraludon V, Galarian Obstagoon, Professor’s Research, Marnie, Great Ball, Strange Canned Food, and more!

Champion's Path in other languages:
  • European French: La Voie du Maître
  • German: Weg des Champs
  • Italian: Futuri Campioni
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Camino de Campeones
  • Spanish: Camino de Campeones
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