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Celestial Storm - PTCGL Codes
Celestial Storm - PTCGL Codes

Celestial Storm - PTCGL Codes

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In PTCG Live, players are limited to redeeming up to 400 booster pack codes per set. Any additional codes beyond this limit will provide COINS instead of packs. 

To avoid any inconvenience and errors, it is recommended to keep track of your redeemed codes and enter a maximum of 10 codes at a time. 
Every Booster Code will grant you 5 random cards.

Celestial Storm (Sun & Moon)

Celestial Storm is a Pokemon TCG Live set that features plenty of powerful GX Pokemon, but the Legendary Rayquaza-GX seems to stand out from the crowd. Stormy Winds May look like a disruptive Ability, but it can power up Rayquaza-GX very quickly.  And with all of those Energy attached, you can use Dragon Break to attack for a large amount of damage. The set features many spiritual reprints from the Ruby & Sapphire block of cards so be on the lookout for some nostalgic cards, such as Magcargo! Between having a great mix of powerful cards and nostalgia, Celestial Storm is one of the coolest sets available on Pokemon TCGL. Be sure to pick up some Pokemon Trading Card Game Live codes today! 

By buying Celestial Storm Pokemon TCG Live codes, you can get some of the following PTCGL cards: Rayquaza-GX, Banette-GX, Magcargo, Latias Prism Star, Latios Prism Star, Copycat, Switch, and more!

Celestial Storm in other languages:
  • European French: TempĂȘte Céleste
  • German: Sturm am Firmament
  • Italian: Tempesta Astrale
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Tempestade Celestial
  • Spanish: Tormenta Celestial
  • Korean: Charisma of the Sky
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