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Bulk 50x Battle Styles - Pokemon TCG Codes
Bulk 50x Battle Styles - Pokemon TCG Codes

Bulk 50x Battle Styles - Pokemon TCG Codes

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Part Number: bulk-50x-battle-styles
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Code cards translations:
Feature: 1196
Feature: N92-2G9L-ZMQ-MTH
Feature 5 50,100,150,200,250,300,350,400
In PTCG Live, players are limited to redeeming up to 400 booster pack codes per set. Any additional codes beyond this limit will provide COINS instead of packs. 

To avoid any inconvenience and errors, it is recommended to keep track of your redeemed codes and enter a maximum of 10 codes at a time. 
Every Booster Code will grant you 5 random cards.

Bulk 50x Battle Styles (Sword & Shield)

Do you want to save your money on Battle Styles PTCGL codes? Buying the bulk product will slightly lower the price per code.

Do you want to buy per code? It is easy.
Open Battle Styles product and write down the number in the quantity box how many Pokemon codes you want to buy.

Battle Styles in other languages:
  • Japanese: Skyscraping Perfection & Blue Sky Stream
  • European French: Styles de Combat
  • German: Kampfstile
  • Italian: Stili di Lotta
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Estilos de Batalha
  • Spanish: Estilos de Combate
  • Chinese - Cantonese: Y tg k Daaihs , Lìhng k Daaihs
  • Chinese - Mandarin: Y jí Dàsh , Liánjí Dàsh
  • Korean: Ilgyeok Maseuteo, Yeongyeok Maseuteo
  • Thai: Mattoe Chuchom Khrangdiao, Mattoe Chuchom Tonueang
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Note: if you do not receive the email into your inbox, please check your SPAM or PROMOTIONS folder before contacting support team.

If you have any troubles or you have a question, please send us an email to [email protected].

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