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Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Pre Release Kit - Pokemon TCGL Codes
Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Pre Release Kit - Pokemon TCGL Codes

Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Pre Release Kit - Pokemon TCGL Codes

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Feature: 1852
In PTCG Live, players are limited to redeeming up to 25 Build & Battle codes. Any additional codes beyond this limit will provide COINS. 

To avoid any inconvenience and errors, it is recommended to keep track of your redeemed codes and enter a maximum of 10 codes at a time. 
Every Code will grant you 1 of 4 Prerelease Promos and other cards.

Brilliant Stars Pre release Kit (Sword & Shield)

Brilliant Stars adds many exciting cards that breathe life into the competitive Pokemon TCG to create new and existing archetypes that thrive together. Out of those cool cards, there are four of them that are available as promo pre-release cards. Each of these promo cards features never-before-seen art for cards that are regularly available in Brilliant Stars. Looking at the fan favorite Lucario [Brilliant Stars], you might see a resemblance to the popular Charizard [Team Up] with a similar Ability! Roaring Resolve allows you to place damage counters on Lucario and accelerate Energy to it! Will it be the next best single Prize Card deck? We will have to find out. Liepard [Brilliant Stars] has a strikingly similar Ability to Zoroark-GX [Shining Legends] that was played in many popular decks to make them more consistent. Quite literally having Trade back in the format is a welcomed addition to some decks, especially Eternatus VMAX [Darkness Ablaze], and we can surely hope to see Liepard at the top tables! The other two promos are Bibarel [Brilliant Stars] and Moltres [Brilliant Stars] to bring the total count to four. These cards have unique arts and these versions aren t available in Brilliant Stars booster packs (other art versions are available). Pick up these prerelease code cards to enhance your Pokemon TCG Live collection and get ultra-fast automatic email delivery after the confirmation of your purchase. All of these cards will be awesome additions for both players and collectors alike - pick them up today!

With each Sword and Shield Brilliant Stars Prerelease Promo Code, you get the following Pokemon Cards in the Live Pokemon TCG Game:
  • 1 of the 4 promo cards with a signature Brilliant Stars stamp
  • Several other playable cards
Note: This code does NOT include any Booster Packs.
Pokemon codes will be sent directly to your e-mail address.
Note: if you do not receive the email into your inbox, please check your SPAM or PROMOTIONS folder before contacting support team.

If you have any troubles or you have a question, please send us an email to [email protected].

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