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<b>Breakpoint</b> - Pokemon TCGO Codes
Breakpoint - Pokemon TCGO Codes

Breakpoint - Pokemon TCGO Codes

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Breakpoint (XY)

In the 9th expansion in the XY series, BREAK Point expands more on the powerful BREAK evolution cards with new additions such as Greninja BREAK and Trevenant BREAK. This set also features beautiful shiny Pokemon such as Gyarados EX and Mega Gyarados EX. Pokemon TCG Code Cards to look out for include: Manaphy EX, Frogadier, Greninja, Greninja BREAK, Espeon EX, Garbodor, Trevenant BREAK, Sudowoodo, Darkrai EX, Mega Scizor EX, Fighting Fury Belt, Max Elixir, Max Potion, Professor Sycamore, Reverse Valley, and Splash Energy.
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