What’s Poppin PTCGOStore readers? Battle Styles has been out for about a month now, and I’ve had my fair share of time to test most of the new decks. While I have already written an article featuring both Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (Battle Styles) and Single Strike Urshifu VMAX (Battle Styles), there are plenty of great new concepts to explore. Some of the most viable decks were built out of this set, like Victini VMAX (Battle Styles), and I’m sure there have to be others that are solid too! This article aims to share my favorite competitive decks that are rocking out in the Battle Styles Pokemon metagame and let you know why they are so awesome! If you’re missing any cards for these decks, use code zlesage5 to save 5% on your next order of codes right here at PTCGOStore.com. That being said, let’s hop into Victini and see how it looks.

Victini VMAX

Victini VMAX is a great new Fire-type attacker that can swing for a lot of damage for only two Energy. You heard that right. Max Victory can swing for 100 damage and hit for an extra 120 damage if you are attacking into a Pokemon V or VMAX. This means you can target popular Pokemon in format, like Zacian V (Sword and Shield) and OHKO them with ease. This deck is as simple as attaching an Energy turn one, Evolving turn two, and using Max Victory on your second turn of the game. Of course, this deck can add a bunch of cool techs, like Reshiram and Charizard-GX (Unbroken Bonds), because you can power them up quickly with Welder (Unbroken Bonds). If you aren’t using Welder, you can use Boss’s Orders (Shining Fates) to gust up Pokemon to OHKO whatever you like. This deck is as versatile as it is powerful, so let’s check out this list!

Victini VMAX Deck List

Pokemon - 18
1 Cramorant V SHF 54
2 Crobat V SHF 44
1 Heatran-GX UNM 25
1 Reshiram & Charizard-GX PR-SM 201
4 Victini V SSH 25
2 Volcanion PR-SM 179
3 Victini VMAX BST 22
1 Eldegoss V CPA 5
2 Dedenne-GX UNB 195
1 Mewtwo & Mew-GX PR-SM 191

Trainer Cards - 30
2 Escape Rope BST 125
1 Fan of Waves BST 127
3 Giant Hearth UNM 197
4 Welder UNB 189
4 Pokegear 3.0 UNB 182
4 Quick Ball SSH 179
3 Pokemon Communication TEU 152
4 Boss's Orders SHF 58
2 Professors Research SHF 60
3 Switch SSH 183

Energy - 12
12 Fire Energy SWSH Energy 2

Total Cards - 60

Dragapult VMAX / Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX


RS Urshifu is a great addition to our metagame and has gone off to spawn several successful archetypes - each with its own engine. This is one of those variants, and it is different from the rest because instead of focusing on the engine, it adds in Dragapult VMAX (Rebel Clash) to add more options to spread damage on your opponents Pokemon. It also adds a dual-type to the deck; it's both Fighting and Psychic-type, which means you can specifically choose attackers in particular matchups. Beyond that, it shares similarities to standalone RS Urshifu and Dragapult decks that have both been successful in this format. The one thing that I want to note for this deck is that since it's a hybrid deck, it can sometimes be a little inconsistent at times. I’ve tried to rectify this the best I can with a Jirachi (Team Up) engine, but sometimes you are gonna end up with the wrong pieces. Overall, this deck has been performing extremely well for me, and I’d love for you to check it out.

DragaFu Deck List

Pokemon - 18
2 Crobat V SHF 44
1 Galarian Zigzagoon SHF 151
2 Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 170
1 Eldegoss V CPA 5
1 Dedenne-GX UNB 195
3 Jirachi PR-SM 161
3 Dragapult V RCL 92

Trainer Cards - 31
2 Escape Rope BST 125
4 Quick Ball SSH 179
3 Pokemon Communication TEU 152
2 Boss's Orders SHF 58
4 Scoop Up Net RCL 165
2 Power Plant UNB 183
4 Professors Research SHF 60
2 Reset Stamp UNM 206
4 Marnie SSH 169
4 Switch SSH 183

Energy - 11
3 Rapid Strike Energy BST 140
4 Aurora Energy SSH 186
4 Horror Psychic Energy RCL 172

Total Cards - 60

Corviknight VMAX

Corviknight VMAX (Battle Styles) is one of the more hyped cards from the set, and it seems to have an archetype thought out for it already. It pairs extremely nicely with Cheryl (Battle Styles) and Bronzong (Battle Styles) because you can move around your Energy and heal damage off at the cost of your Supporter per turn. You can add this new package to our existing Metal type support of Zacian V, Zamazenta V (Sword and Shield), and Lucario & Melmetal-GX (Unbroken Bonds) to make for a well-rounded deck. The best part about Corviknight is the free Retreat, its Lustrous Body isn’t affected by your opponent’s Abilities, and G-Max Hurricane can hit for a lot of damage! With all of these things combined, this deck seems like it will do well in our new metagame so let’s peep out this list!

Corviknight VMAX Deck List

Pokemon - 19
1 Crobat V SHF 44
1 Eldegoss V CPA 5
1 Dedenne-GX UNB 195
3 Bronzor TEU 100
2 Corviknight V BST 109
1 Lucario & Melmetal-GX PR-SM 192
2 Zacian V PR-SW 18
2 Zamazenta V PR-SW 19
3 Bronzong PR-SW 91
2 Corviknight VMAX BST 110
1 Mew PR-SM 215

Trainer Cards - 29
4 Metal Saucer SSH 170
2 Cheryl BST 123
1 Chaotic Swell CEC 187
4 Quick Ball SSH 179
3 Pokemon Communication TEU 152
4 Professors Research SHF 60
4 Marnie SSH 169
4 Switch SSH 183

Energy - 12
3 Coating {M} Energy VIV 163
9 Metal Energy SWSH Energy 8

Total Cards - 60

Have Fun

I hope this article has you hyped to pick up all of the Pokemon TCG code cards you need to grab to finish any of these brand new competitive decks! All of them seem like they will have a chance to shine in our PTCGO metagame and have a shot to become some of the best decks available. If you’re looking to pick up cards for these decks or anything else in-game, use code zlesage5 at PTCGOStore.com to save 5% on your next order of Pokemon Online code cards. I will continuously work on discovering the newest archetypes in this set and let you know which ones have a chance in our metagame.

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